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From: "Patricia Trenary"

To: Cindy

Sent: Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:35 AM

Subject: Carmella update

Hi Cindy

Sorry I have not contacted you lately but we are all doing fine. Carmella is doing great. Don and I could not live without her. What a wonderful addition to our family. She is spoil rotten. Nice bed, lots of toys. lots of love and affection. Plus she is really smart. We are currently going to dog school and of course she is the best and the smallest in the class. Every time I look at her I smile and she had brought so much job and happiness to us.

Cindy I can't thank you enough for selecting her for us. She has been the prefect dog. She loves to play with her squeaky toys and run them and play tug of war.

Enjoy the pictures of her.

Patty and Don

You can view our current litter of Shorkie Puppies By visiting our Main Website Click here
You can also contact any of our past puppy parents from the adopted page on our main website
Welcome to our shorkie in Id page. On this page you will see our shorkies that we have place in id.


When your new shorkie puppy arrives home it is  exciting and special. Every family member has been waiting this this moment, some times for months.  They are ready to spend hours with the new baby. Each family member is looking for their position with the baby and looking for their new responsibilities, and great new adventures.

 The time when your new shorkie baby/puppies gets home is very exciting for the human family , but to our new little fur baby/puppies it can be exhausting, and scary.  Remember this is a new home, people and surroundings, for you new baby/ puppies.  Your new shorkie baby will need lots of love, patience, and kindness, but he also needs clear rules and expectations from day one. Your new baby will also need his very own place that is a safe environment all around him.  We recommend an exercise pen, or playpen.
Here are some basic rules when it comes to shorkie puppies and kids:
1. Pick up your toys...or they may get ruined.
2. Donít wake a sleeping puppy. She needs her rest.
3. Donít interrupt a puppy who is eating. You might get bit.
4. Donít carry a puppy around. Puppies break when dropped.
5. Donít hit a puppy. Itís an adultís job to discipline.
6. Treat a puppy like a friend, not a toy.


Each and every one of our shorkie puppies is different. We all go through different puppy stages with our fur babies. Puppies are like kids there are no two alike. So the more support we have the better parents we will be. Although we have been told our Shorkie's are the BEST babies ever.  That is why we offer our shorkie puppy parents an online community  that is a great resource for all our puppy parents.

AM A SMALL HOME SHORKIE BREEDER. I SPECIALIZE IN DESIGNER COLORS, TEDDY BEAR FACE'S AND HIGH QUALITY BABIES. I HAVE A FEW LITTERS A YEAR...Email me or visit our main website at to see when our next litter will be joining us.  All my babies and puppies are raised in my home under our feet.

We are shorkie puppy breeders, that home raised Shorkies, so we can offer shorkies for sale to our puppy parents. shorkie for sale, home raised shorkies. An Our Shorkies Comes from a home breeder and not a kennel setting.
We are totally in love with the shorkie breed. The best shorkies are the one that come from test parents



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