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Shorkie breeder offering puppies for sale in AK, Were the experts when it comes to your baby arrive safe and sound. We Make the world a better place one puppy at a time. Come watch our puppy videos and enjoy our  website
Meet Dolly, she went to live with Mia and her wonderful family in Anchorage,
Meet Dolly a shorkie puppy in Alaska. She was adopted in 2007 and flew all the to Anchorage. 
When she was 13 weeks old. Shorkie love, shorkie passion, shorkie puppyDolly came from a shorkie breeders in missouri. She is a great little dog. With lots of love to give

Here is an e-mail A shorkie puppy parent sent us on Miss Dolly
From: Mia Cain
Date: 4/18/2007 5:15:45 PM
To: Cindy
Subject: Hi Cindy

Cindy and Family,
Thank you for our puppy Dolly. She has been such a joy and she is a very smart dog. I was extremely nervous about buying a puppy over the Internet. First because I didn't get to meet her and see her personality and secondly she had to fly all the way to AK at 13 weeks old . When Dolly arrived at the airport she was so happy to see me and all the tourists in Alaska! Your airport check list was excellent and very important. She has been very low cost and an all-around healthy puppy. She has a great personality and has bonded with our family and our other dog. She is approximately 8 lbs which is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much! I highly recommend you and your services! We love our Shorkie Dolly (A.K.A Itty Bitty)!
Thanks again,
Mia Cain and family

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Shorkie breeder in Alaska, puppies for sale AK, Were the experts when it comes to your baby fly home safe and sound. We Make the world a better place one puppy at a time. Come watch our puppy videos and enjoy our website.
Welcome to our page. On this page you can see the shorkie puppies we have sent to Anchorage. When it comes to sending shorkie puppies to Anchorage most the time we can NOT send them in the winter. As it is to cold. But we do welcome you to come pick them up, we also offer a hand delivery service. With this service we can fly our shorkie puppies into Anchorage all year long.

I am a shorkie breeder that offers the BEST shorkie puppies we can. We always do our genetic testing on all our adults to make sure they have no underlining health issue that can be passed on to our shorkie puppies. We don't sale our shorkie puppies we place them for adoption. We are very picky where our shorkie puppies go. In this process we screen each and every puppy parent. Our shorkie puppies adoption fee is 1300.00 plus shipping. You only pay the shipping if we are flying your new shorkie puppy on the plane by them self.  If you want us to hand deliver your new shorkie puppy the fee varies depending on what the flight cost. Of course if you come and pick up your new shorkie puppy there is NO shipping fee.

We are very proud to be a member in the SCA or the Shorkie Club Of America.

The Shorkie Club of America is the only KNOWN shorkie group dedicated to the ethical development and establishment of this mixed breed.

Each one of our shorkie puppies can also be registered with the SCA.

Our website has information about:

Shorkie breeders that genetic testing on their adults. In the shorkie breed there is a lot of health issues the Shih tzu and yorkie share. So the testing is very important.

We are shorkie breeders that are in love with this breed. We are commented in helping develop the healthiest shorkies we can. Our puppy videos are done in our puppy play room. Our shorkies puppies love to play in our puppy room. We know you will fall head over hill in love with your new shorkie puppy.

Some people say we are a Shorkie breeder in Al with Shorkie puppies or puppies for sale. Some people call them  Shih tzu mix puppy, and they call us  breeders with yorkie mix puppy. Or dog breeder even puppy breeder. Some say we are a  California puppy breeder, New Jersey shorkie breeder,  with puppy for sale, even pure breed puppy for sale. Some might even call us a Florida puppy breeder, or Florida yorkie dog breeder


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